Third Eye Open

The Third Eye Open Design for the CosmicMedium treadless shop

Overview: This is a personal project in which I illustrate in my bold and colorful signature style. This illustration would be used as a print item in my treadless shop at

Challenge: To portray the beautiful feeling of using your visual consciousness (your third eye). 

Goal: To design colorful merchandise, portraying a woman gaining her visual consciousness.

Context: The above image on the left is the initial sketch, and the one on the right is the line drawing. 

This pose was chosen: This pose was chosen because it is generally how a woman may stand on a sidewalk in the city when it is windy. I wanted to pick a typical and standard pose to portray an everyday woman. 

The colors were chosen: The colors were chosen because they are bright, fresh, and eye-catching. The warm colors selected signify enlightenment.

Why was the woman drew in such a way: I chose to draw a black woman with afro hair because that is how I identify myself, friends, and most of my customers.
Above is a time lapse of the illustration. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.
Above is the final illustration image in which I used to print on the garments. It was scaled and cropped to allow a more close up view of the third eye. 

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