Black Queen
 Coloring Book 
and Planner
The Black Queen Coloringbook and Coloringbook/Planner is a personal project I have wanted to finish for a while. I created this coloring book to help black women, women, and young girls organize their life and explore the calming effects of coloring. I also wanted to develop a creative planner that I would use and a coloring book that my friends and family could use. 

I knew it would take time to make, so I slowly developed the illustrations over three months. Over time I did stumble over a few challenges, consistently illustrating with the use of black lines. There were times where I would sketch my idea but wanted to skip the inking (or black lines and just add colorful shapes.  To complete this project, I had to restrict my drawing style for about three months to create a consistent collection of line drawings good enough to color. There were no other challenges because this project was illustrated, produced, and published independently by the illustrator. 
I created the manuscript using InDesign and drew most of my illustrations in Adobe Fresco. I use Adobe Fresco because I always need to rescale my drawings in vector format and use the program majority on my iPad. 

Overall, I enjoyed creating this project and am excited to share it with the rest of the world. 

Grab a copy and enjoy it. Get it at
Thank you for viewing my project and for your support. 
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