Black Girl Magic Illustration
This illustration shows that Black Girl Magic, a movement popularized in 2013, is real and viable. This illustration is created to celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of Black women. Like the #BlackGirlMagic social media hashtag, this illustration was designed to counteract the negativity society places on Black women.
Above are the different stages at the illustration is created. The first image is the sketch, the second image is the line drawing, and the third is a color drawing without shading (not the final stage). 
I use a part-spectral scheme, where all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) are of a range of hues in addition to a value. This illustration's monochromatic color scheme is derived from a single base hue of red and is extended using its shades, tones, and tints. As a result, this illustration's colors show more peaceful and subtle energy due to a lack of hue contrast. I used warm colors because it gives a sense of urgency and security. 

The style in which I draw the illustration is more closely similar to Roy Lichtenstein's technique (1923-1997), an American pop artist whose work was influenced by comic book stylizations and widespread advertising. Like him, I use bold colors and sometimes Benday Dots to make the work look as if the artwork was created by photographic reproduction. See the time-lapse video above of the illustration.

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